KomfortYou deserve this “Quality and Comfort”, saving you time and money.

We offer you first-class quality

  • 22 professional washers, with capacity of 6.5, 10 and 17 kg
  • soft-water washing, which significantly extends the life of your clothes
  • laundry washed here is soft, fluffy and free of stains
  • for every kind of user:
    • managers
    • housewives
    • students, tourists, school groups
    • restaurants
    • hair salons
    • sports clubs, saunas,
    • relaxation centres, pensions, hotels
  • for every type of laundry
  • heated water straight into the washer drum
  • 10 dryers, with 10 kg capacity for highly efficient drying
  • 4 dryers, with 15 kg capacity for highly efficient drying

Full service

    Are you short on time ?
    Our trained staff will do it all for you within 24 hours .

Other services:

  • collection point for dry cleaning of clothing and leather

For the food and lodging industry we provide:

  • complete care for bedding, towels, tablecloths, other interior textiles and work uniforms. Pick-up and delivery is included in the price.
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